6 Best VPN for PUBG
fastest and secured experience
(Updated 2021)

PUBG has been one of the most famous and played games in the world. people are being crazy and addicted about it cause of the joy and satisfaction they get from it. PUBG has got millions of die hard fans from all over the globe and one can not get tired of playing this amazing game . PUBG stands for the Playerunknown’s battelgrounds( PUBG) it is a multiplayer battle royal game, developed in south Korea by the company called Bluehole and released by microsift in 2017.

In most of the countries this game has been banned by the administration by statements like :PUBG has made the player so used to of it, like they have added it in their daily routine. more than the entertainment this game has become addiction and called “dangerous” for the people of country. also country like India has banned it cause of users and countire’s privacy issue.

But if you are citizen of one of these countries or visiting any of them and want to play PUBG- you can access PUBG easily  fastest and safe as you want using a VPN(virtual private network).



What VPN provides you for Games like PUBG

1) Access : as we told you if you are living or visiting in a place where PUBG is banned or unauthorized so using VPN to play  PUBG is the only secured and best way to get access by passing the geo-restrictions to unlock it for you. for this work you need to have a fully secured and best VPN for PUBG which we will list forward.

eg.) PUBG is banned in india and the very strong firewall of china retrict us to perform activities which are banned in china, so to access those sites or games we need a strong and best working VPN which could break this heavy securities and also provides a good gaming experience without jerks and lagging. same with other countries. 

2) increases speed & opportunities :  for those gamers whose govt allows  to access PUBG in your location. even after the permission of playing in your region VPN can still be workfull for you by allowing you to connect to any server in the world and play with different players around the globe  to have fun and testing your skills with others.
also by a VPN you can reduce the distance of yourself to the server which reduces the pings, through which lag time decreases and speed increases. which could provide you insane gaming experience.

3) ensures the security  :  like other online games PUBG also comes with the risk of getting hacked cause leaving your IP address upon the servers vulnerable  to get detected, increases the threat of cyber attacks and data theft.

By using VPN while playing PUBG gives you the protection of getting hacked by hiding your IP address while playing, and other people would be able to see the VPN servers IP address not the real one which belongs to you. if you want the VPN with the highest protection and encryption we will suggest that to you later.

there are many other ways where VPN can boost up your gaming experience and unlock the real fun for your gaming entertainment with the best VPN for PUBG. 

List of best VPN for PUBG


Nord VPN is our top pick in the list of  the best VPN for PUBG, cause  of the following specialities which a best vpn service for easy gaming should contain. it has got around 5,400 servers all over the globe in 59+ different countries. this is one of the fastest VPN services tested ever by us. Nord VPN is compatible with all of the operating systems like mac, adroid, ios, penguine etc.one account can connect upto 6 Devices.

nord vpn

 1) gaming and entertainment – generally among the fastest VPN service providers in the world with more than 5000+ servers in 50 countries ensures the best speed experience to play games like PUBG. you can also watch any of the videos from all over the world in 4k quality like HBO, netflix, amazon prime, sling tv etc, even ads are blocked between your entertainment. downloads speed roughly with low of (992Mbps) and high of (1300Mbps) in usa. it is one of the best vpn for P2P optimized servers in 40+ locations.

2) security – This service is known for its strong security. it has the military grade encrypton to make your data secure and protect you. There’s 256-bit AES encryption, a customizable kill switch, and protection against WebRTC, IPv6, and DNS leaks, as well as automatic ad-blocking and malware-scanning. In fact, there are even specific servers optimized for use in countries with strict online restrictions. it also offers zerologs policy.

3) 24/7 amazing customer support – if you are facing any issue in your package or connectivity, don’t need to worry NORD offers one of the best and genuine 24/7 customers support that ensures your back. with love chats and email support.

over all NORD VPN is the best VPN for PUBG, and overall performance of the VPN is amazing in all aspects which we need as the best VPN for PUBG. also you can take pleasure of 30 days money back guarantee.


Surfshark is an other 2nd best VPN for PUBG, you can get one of the best VPN experience through their amazing service and features which can blow up your mind. surfshark provides 32000+ servers in 65+ different countries which opens the gate of unlimited entertaiment from all over the world. surfshark is among the best VPNs when it comes to open a georestricted content. also surfshark is compatible with any of the OS. the best thing is thing is that you can protect unlimitectd devices with their amazing features. kill switch is also available.

best VPN for PUBG surfsharkVPN

1) Gaming and entertainment: surfshark is being used widely by millions of people around the globe for gaming and entertainment and it is one of the best VPN for PUBG with the fast and secured experience. the speed of gaming and videos are amazing with the downloading speed of low(813Mbps) and high of (1014Mbps) in USA. it can unlock any game and entertainment source from all over the world for you like  HBO, netflix, amazon prime, ESPN and etc without jerks and lagging. all of the servers are P2P friendly. it also blocks ads which can interrup your fun.

2)security : the security aspects of surfshark are amazing for the usersmultihopping provides users to get secured by IP trecking and leaving footprints, military grade data encryption by which no one would be able to theft you personal information, strict no log policy and custom kill switch for the best security of your data.

3) 24/7 Expert support :  if you face any problem while using their service so you can get consultancy from their experts and get anything solved with the live chat and email support.

this VPN is one of the  best for playing PUBG and it also provides a 30 days money back guarantee.


the third spot of best VPN for PUBG of our list is attained by Express VPN, this is one of the most expensive VPN present in the industry and it also worth the cost because of amazing features it offers to the users.it is the fastest VPN at present time.it has 3000+ servers located in  94 Countries all over the globe, which provides you the multi options to choose any of them and unlock anything you want with the best security and turbo speed. it can provide you any content or game from anywhere in the world bypassing any geo restriction.it allows split tunneling and five devices can be protected by one account.

express VPN 1

1)Gaming and entertainment : it is the best option among any VPN when it comes to speed which makes it best VPN for PUBG without any lag of time smoothely. this VPN is the best one to access games without delay also it unlocks platforms like HBO, netflix, amazon prime, ESPN, hulu and etc to hive a superpack full of entertainment and securities. it also provides P2P in their servers. the speed of gaming and no lag makes it the best VPN for PUBG.

2)security256-bit encryption and a strict no-logs policy will  keep you and your personal information safe.while gaming and accesing internet.also kill switch is available.

3) 24/7 Support: just like it charges from the users the support facility is such as good. user can contact any time and get the solution of the query  within short time. by live chat or mail.

all of the features are super amazing and the gaming services are insane. a little expensive but genuinely best VPN for Gaming and specialy best VPN for PUBG. you can always make the most of its 30-day money-back guarantee.

4)Hotspot shield VPN

Hotspot shield VPN is among the one of most fastest VPN services in the world. it has users surrounding the Globe cause of its high features and trust. hotspot shield is very good to access the geo blocked content, games and etc with the a turbo speed.this VPN has 32000+ servers in 80+ countries and 35+ cities all over the world. which provides you to chose the best and the fastest server according to your demand. and in PUBG you can play with worldwide players. the privacy of this VPN is all the way encripted. it also provides P2P  support and five devices can be secured through it.

best VPN for PUBG Hotspotshield VPN

1)Gaming and Entertainment : Hotspot shield is famous for its speed and security which makes it best VPN for PUBG worldwide and it also fulfill other demands of a VPN. it opens the Geoblocked content like  netflix, primevideo, HBO etc. you can download, stream, play any content worldwide with this VPN services fastly all over the Globe.it is supported in almost every operating system.

2)Security : Hostspot shield is very good at security by using Military-Grade encryptions Privacy and security that also blocks 57 million malware and phishing sites a day which helps your data to be secured in the worldwibe web. by this amazing security ability it could be the best VPN for PUBG for you and also for other uses. kill switch is alsoavailable.

3) 24/7 genuine support : Hotspot shield VPN is vefry concerned about their customer services. they serve 24/7 support to solve all of their issues as fast as possible through live chat and email.

this is one of the most fast and secured VPN worldwide and also among the best VPN for PUBG. it also gives you 45 Days money back guarantee.

5)Private Internet Access VPN

Private Internet Access VPN is famous for its Privacy and security terms in the VPN world also this can be very useful for Privacy and security lover gamers this VPN is also very good in other aspects like accessing geoblocked content from all over the world, streaming, downloading and gaming are done over this VPN easily.there are almost 29,000+ servers in more than 77 Countries all over the Gobe which is very good for the speed and more options for gamers. it supports P2P, 10 devices can get secured using it through an account and it also blocks ads, trackers and malware to secure you surfing.this could be your best VPN for PUBG and other games.

private internet access 1

1)Gaming and Entertainment: it offers a great security to the players worldwide from the hackers also you can play games and content from all over the world without any security and speed issue. also you can access HBO NOW, youtube, sky GO, showtime and many more. generally compatible with all famous operating systems. also this is very much used to play PUBG all over the world.so this clould be your best VPN for PUBG with great security and speed.

2)Security : security is the factor for which PIA stands out and amazing VPN  using the millitary Grade encryption and security factors include leak protection, a kill switch, and strict no-logs policy which provides one of the best security while playing PUBG or gaming and Entertainment. Whether your gaming, streaming, or doing anything else online, you’re protected with Private Internet Access. kill switch is also available.

c) 24/7 genuine support : PIA VPN is also very good for their customer support and help they provide genuine solution in less time and also provides email chats and FAQ’s.

so definitely once look at the Private Internet Access VPN while finding your best VPN for PUBG. it also provides 30 days money back guarantee.


Pure VPN is our 6th pick about the best VPN for PUBG that’s is incredible for working in todays VPN world. PureVPN has 65000+ servers in 140+ countries around the globe that provides you a very high speed and vast option to chose whatever you want. the speed and security of Pure VPN is amazingly good. it can provide you any content from all over the world with ease and security.  it supports P2P10 devices can get secured using it through an account and it also blocks ads, trackers and malware to secure you surfing. this could be your best VPN for PUBG and other games. it can best accessed by mac, adndroid, ios, linux and 20 other top OS.

best VPN for PUBG pureVPN

a)Gaming and Entertainment:  this VPN is a great choice for lag free fast gaming and accessing the geo restricted content from all over the world and get full entertainment with high speed and fully security. Pure VPN can unlock Netflix, hulu, bbc, HBO, facebook, youtube and many more also unlimited games from all over the world are accessible through it. including playing PUBG without any lag and with security which makes it one of the best VPNs for PUBG.

b)security: the security aspect is very good in this VPN which serves high-end AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, strict NO log policy, Virtual IPs, leak Protections, a kill switch and so much for your safety in the web-world. Pure VPN allows you to access your favourite games like PUBG and streams with 100% security.

C) 24/7 customer support: Pure VPN has a very good customer support that gives us features of 24/7 live chat session and mail connections to provide you the best solutions of your queries.

Pure VPN could be the best VPN for PUBG for you with all amazing features and it also Provides 31 days money back guarantee.

Note: all the listed services are genuinely best VPN for PUBG. None of the listed links are affiliate in the post.

Some free Options for the VPNs

do free VPN worth it...

Free VPNs are generally not of so much work and they do not have much features but threat of data hacking also. things which lack in the free VPNs generally.

a) you can not access georestricted content easily or if you do so by chance it starts lagging and increases irritations.

b)security is one of the biggest issue in using most of free VPN services. unlike paid VPNs free VPN do not offer the data security and encryption which can increases the threat of data theft. they contains malwares, free VPN also gathers your online activity and sell it to the advertisers.

c) slow speed is an other one of the major issues faced in the free VPN services and it provides the worst gaming, streaming and downloading speed. it also doest not also P2P and torrenting.

but here i have provide you the best free VPN services that provides better than others.


pros: Proton VPN is has best security among the free VPNs which Provides AES-256bit Military grade encryption, tunneling protocols, reliable Kill switch, it works with the mac, android, Ios, linux, android.

 cons: No torrenting is allowed in Proton VPN and no other security features. streaming is slow.


Pros: it is among the best streaming and fast free VPN in the industry.it allows P2P and torresnting. you can unblock netflix US and netflix Netherlands, provides enough security Using AES-256bit Military grade encryption, IKEV2 tunneling Process.

Cons: it has access only to Ios, android and windows.

3) WindscribeVPN: 

Pros: it is one of the most secured free VPN in the industry which provides strict NO log policy. a kill switch, leak protection, ad blocking and a lot more. you can use it on all famous Operating systems.

cons: it only has 10GB per month cap.

weather free VPNs are not good top play PUBG and it wont provide you any fun or joy at playng it. so don’t get into this trap of using free VPN to play PUBG.


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